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Monday, March 14, 2011

Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cream Cheese FrostingMy favorite dessert that my mom makes is Chocolate Cheesecake. I could eat the whole thing myself. Regular cheesecake? I can take it or leave it, but if you add chocolate, I am in.  I was making another favorite childhood dessert, my grandma's Lazy Daisy Cake and I had some cream cheese that was needing to be used.  I have my mom's chocolate buttercream recipe and her friend's cream cheese frosting recipe (which calls for Oleo)...and I knew there was a happy marriage there.  And there was.  I am a cake person, I could take or leave the frosting.  Miss F loves the frosting, we make a good duo.  She eats all the frosting off a cupcake and I take the remaining cake when she is done.  This frosting puts me firmly on the frosting side of things.  It is that good.  I ate it with a spoon.  It really is that good.
Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

8 ounces cream cheese, softened
¼ cup butter, softened
½ cup cocoa powder
4 cups confectioners’ sugar

Beat cream cheese, butter and cocoa powder until combined. Add the confectioners’ sugar ½ cup at a time making sure to incorporate it fully before you add the next ½ cup. Makes enough for 1 two layer cake or 24 cupcakes.
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Meagan said...

That looks delicious!

Allie said...

Wow! This frosting really looks great. To make a chocolate
cookies-n'-cream frosting, add some crushed Oreo, plop some on top of a chocolate-cookies-n'-cream cupcake (chocolate cake embedded with Oreo crumbs & chunks)!!

uncurled said...

this is awesome! I added a touch of cream to make it a little smoother, and I added a little bit of instant decaf coffee to make mocha cream cheese frosting. My family LOVED it. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The most delicious frosting I have ever tasted! I only had fat-free cream cheese and it was still DIVINE!

Converse Love said...

Thank you for this wonderful icing recipe! Its become my favorite :)

tinabeana said...

i was searching all over for a chocolate cream cheese frosting and they all had ingredients that i didn't have on hand thank you for such an easy recipe. can't wait to taste it after reading all the yummy reports. thanks again.

E said...

I just made this with shortening instead of butter and immediately iced a pumpkin roll cake. SO GOOD.

Shayla said...

I made this over the holidays with locally produced goat butter and goat cream cheese- super delish!! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

Rose Ann said...

I thought the frosting was good however I did add a teaspoon of vanilla.

Anonymous said...

Just made it, amazing. I added 2 tablespoons of whole milk and reduced the powdered sugar to 3 1/2 cups. Perfect color, taste and consistency. Not super sweet and you can still taste the cream cheese.

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